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This is not the real real website of Betabong. You'd see Flash here. There are reasons, why you see this instead. Some of them may be:

You are Google

Hey, look to the left: there's some links for you to follow. There's not much to index though but once you here why don't you give it a shot?!

You see this in your iPhone

That's a good reason. No flash on iPhone (and I even don't mind). If you wanna see more, you know how to turn on your Mac or PC..

You're a curious techie

So you opened your browser preferences, turned off plugins or javascript and here we are. So yes, Betabong doesn't stop at Flash. Now that you know, you can turn it back on and enjoy the real tricky part.

You're too old school

Flash Player 9 baby, that's what we need. 10 is even better. Get Adobe Flash player